Smooth Headsets.

Our headset’s are everything you want from a headset. Affordable, tough and reliable, yet still remaining comfortable and easy to use. Ideal for everyone including students, pilots and passengers. Use smooth headsets for smooth flying!

We also offer personalised headset’s with your logo on. Please contact us for more information.

SA-100A | Aviation Headset

£70.00 (+VAT £84.00)

Durable, comfortable and light weight but boasts the lowest price on the market, the starting product to our Smooth Headset range.

SA-400BT | Bluetooth ANR Headset

£416.66 (+VAT £499.99)

Weighing in at only 9oz, the SA-400BT is one of the lightest ANR headphones on the market. Its ANR is rated at 30dB, significantly reducing background noise. It’s Bluetooth technology allows calls and music in flight, with a 3 way PrioritySwitch included. All this, for under £350.

The Crystal Mic

£199.00 (+VAT £238.80)

As seen in flyer magazine, the crystal mic kit is taking the aviation market by storm. Turn your noise cancelling headphones for music into a professional ANR pilot headset.