Light Emitting Diodes are not only brighter than your aeroplanes regular bulbs, they are much more energy efficient, reducing strain on your power supply.

Smooth Aviation is the UK Distributor of CN Lighting products. CN Lighting is a well established, sustainable South African technology company that manufactures high quality, ultra high luminance LED lighting systems for the aviation industry, at considerably lower prices than that of USA Brands. We provide products such as:

  • LED Strobe + Landing lights for experimental aircraft
  • LED Airport and Runway lights
  • LED Heliport Lighting
  • LED Illuminated Windsocks and more

Aircraft Lighting

LED’s are the most energy efficient of all lighting systems, reducing strain on your aircraft power supply and increasing safety tenfold. Furthermore, LED lights last for up to 80 000 hours, making it not only a visually pleasing upgrade but a life-long one one too.


Airport & Helipad Lighting

Today’s runway airport lighting systems are equipped with similar lights to the incandescent light bulbs that was invented by Thomas Edison more than 130 years ago. By installing LED’s as runway  lights and taxiway lights, it increases safety and reduces costs of runway operation.

Quality Products

All our lighting systems are manufactured of high quality components and are tested and certified to comply with ICAO Annex 14 standard. We maintain the best possible aviation standards to manufacture products that comply with the highest possible criterion, a critical requirement for any aviation product.

The light intensity of our products are excellent, particularly the runway and PAPI lights that complies to ICAO Annex 14 standard as proofed by SABS test results. Our LED lights also have a minimum of 50,000 – 80,000 hours of life that proofs the quality of all our products. Although our products are available at affordable prices comparing to other similar expensive products, we never compromise quality or standard.

As a sustainable and best practise company, CN Lighting also guarantees the best service to clients in terms of product delivery, service delivery, guarantee on products as well as general support.

Research and Development

Research and development forms the basis of CN Lighting’s product development strategy. This is an ongoing process enabling us in manufacturing the best quality LED aviation lighting products that compete with the best in the world. We are continuously testing and integrating newly developed LED lighting technology into our lighting products. All other integrated components such as weather and UV resistant resins, electronic systems and even concrete base units for runway lights are also tested under extreme conditions, making sure that our products will last faultless for many years.

Customer Support

CN Lighting works closely with Smooth Aviation to deliver the best service to clients in terms of product delivery, service delivery, guarantee on products as well as general support.