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LED Landing/Taxi Light

£350.00 (+VAT £420.00)

At a staggering 4000 lumens, the LED landing/taxi light is 4x brighter, more efficient and longer lasting than a regular filament bulb.

And at £350 plus VAT it’s no wonder why people like it.

LED Red Large Beacon

£265.00 (+VAT £318.00)

A LED placement to your aeroplane’s beacon is a great way to improve visibility, reduce unnecessary load on the aircraft’s electronics and improve looks.

Easy to install and only £265.

LED Strobes/Navs Pair

£400.00 (+VAT £480.00)

Super bright nav, strobes and tail light lights rolled into one sleek and attractive design.

NEW! In-Built Synchroniser!

Only for £400, significantly less than competition.



LED Tail Light

£230.00 (+VAT £276.00)

Our smallest light, for fitting or replacement for white tail navigation light.

NEW! Strobe Only Unit

£250.00 (+VAT £300.00)

Brand new for 2019!

Strobe only wingtip or beacon strobe, making your aircraft much more visible in VFR conditions.

Only £250 for 1.

Smoker Landing/Taxi Light

£400.00 (+VAT £480.00)

4x brighter than your car headlight. 8x the lifespan of filament bulbs. Install anywhere.

Say hello to the landing light that will change the light sport market.