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AERO WASH 1L Ready To Use Spray

£8.00 (+VAT £9.60)

Powerful, safe and completely non corrosive.

Remove stains, dirt, oil and pretty much anything else, on almost any surface in a single spray and swipe.

On sale 16/04/19.


LED Strobes/Navs Pair

£300.00 (+VAT £360.00)
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Super bright nav, strobes and tail light lights rolled into one sleek and attractive design.

NEW! In-Built Synchroniser!

Only for £300, significantly less than competition.



LED Tail Light

£130.00 (+VAT £156.00)

Our smallest light, for fitting or replacement for white tail navigation light.

NEW! Strobe Only Unit

£150.00 (+VAT £180.00)

Brand new for 2019!

Strobe only wingtip or beacon strobe, making your aircraft much more visible in VFR conditions.

Only £150 for 1.

Strobe Syncroniser

£25.00 (+VAT £30.00)

A tiny box to allow strobe’s to flash in time, improving visibility to traffic and most importantly, looking fantastic.

This unit is only for lights sold before 2019.