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330 Litre CUBE IBC with Distribution Set


330 Litres is the road legal limit to drive Avgas/Mogas/UL91 in a Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) without having to do a dangerous goods licence.

This tank is designed to do the job, and it does it well. With a 5 metre Hose, Auto Nozzle, Meter, Filter and more it is the perfect upgrade in private re-fuelling.

Out Of Stock

AERO WASH 1L Ready To Use Spray

£8.00 (+VAT £9.60)

Powerful, safe and completely non corrosive.

Remove stains, dirt, oil and pretty much anything else, on almost any surface in a single spray and swipe.

Out of stock, but orders can still be made (slight delay in shipping)



Hazchem ADR and PPE Transport Kit Bag

Comprehensive Kit for the ADR Driver for use when carrying aviation fuel in our road transport tanks.

Hazchem signs and wheel chocks provided with tank purchase. Fire extinguisher necessary.

LED Strobes/Navs Pair

£300.00 (+VAT £360.00)
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Super bright nav, strobes and tail light lights rolled into one sleek and attractive design.

NEW! In-Built Synchroniser!

Only for £300, significantly less than competition.



LED Tail Light

£130.00 (+VAT £156.00)

Our smallest light, for fitting or replacement for white tail navigation light.

NEW! Strobe Only Unit

£150.00 (+VAT £180.00)

Brand new for 2019!

Strobe only wingtip or beacon strobe, making your aircraft much more visible in VFR conditions.

Only £150 for 1.

Strobe Syncroniser

£25.00 (+VAT £30.00)

A tiny box to allow strobe’s to flash in time, improving visibility to traffic and most importantly, looking fantastic.

This unit is only for lights sold before 2019.