330 Litre CUBE IBC with Distribution Set


330 Litres is the road legal limit to drive Avgas/Mogas/UL91 in a Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) without having to do a dangerous goods licence.

This tank is designed to do the job, and it does it well. With a 5 metre Hose, Auto Nozzle, Meter, Filter and more it is the perfect upgrade in private re-fuelling.

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Designed to UN ADR and JIG4 Rules, this tank keeps you legal, safe and provides a level of convenience unmatched by jerry cans or public pumps. Made from single stainless steel INOX walls, made to survive damage and hits. Suitable for Avgas, Mogas, UL91, and JetA-1

Move it.

Fits in pick up trucks, most big boots and any trailer rated to 500kg. With forklift mounts and tie strap down, it’s a doddle to move about. We can supply a custom made trailer with LED lighting, fire extinguisher mounts, and more making a neat, tidy refuelling solution. The tank is baffled for transport. Running a Rotax on Mogas? Drive to your garage with no jerry cans!

Refuel it. 

The tank boasts a 50litres/min pump with everything you need to for refulling operations.

  • 5 metre aviation grade hose, 10 metre optional but can become cumbersome.
  • 6 metre static line with crocodile clip
  • 50 l/min pump
  • Either 12v crocodile clips or 230v 13amp UK plug power supply for remote operations or just right outside your hanger.
  • 2 levels of fuel filtration with water absorber.
  • Mechanical Meter
  • Breather valve with flame arrester
  • Baffled construction
  • Fuel level gauge.

Make it safe. 

A 330L Cube makes refuelling and flying safer. Instead of lugging about old knackered jerry cans, safely transport large quantities of fuel safely, and legally.

Once more, the filter removes particles found in garage mogas or water, keeping your aircraft flying smooth.

Inspections should be every 6 months, and filter changes every year max. Your first service is free, and we will show you how to service in the future.

5 year warranty on the tank, pump, hose and nozzle.

Lead time is 2-6 weeks.

Questions? Get in touch.

Additional information

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 110 × 80 × 90 cm
Hose Length

5 Metre, 10 Metre

Fuel Type

Avgas 100LL, Mogas, UL91, Jet A-1


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