Hazchem ADR and PPE Transport Kit Bag

Comprehensive Kit for the ADR Driver for use when carrying aviation fuel in our road transport tanks.

Hazchem signs and wheel chocks provided with tank purchase. Fire extinguisher necessary.


This ADR kit heads the specialist range of ADR kits from Hazchem Safety.  The DK025 full Hazchem ADR kit has been designed to  comply with the ADR 2009 regulations.  All the PPE and safety equipment required to meet the demands of the ADR regulations in one convenient kit from Hazchem Safety clear marked “ADR KIT”, excluding vehicle signage and items dependant on the size of the vehicle such as the wheel chock and fire extinguishers.  The full Hazchem ADR kit on board gives you the confidence that if stopped by VOSA or police you can demonstrate quickly your compliance with the latest ADR regulations thus saving time and any penalties etc.  In the event of an incident, you also have the resource to hand as an ADR-trained driver to deal efficiently and professionally with the situation while protecting yourself from harm or injury.


This comprehensive ADR safety kit contains:
  • Gloves (14″ size 10.5)
  • 500ml Eyewash x 2
  • Chemical Suit (XL)
  • Goggles
  • Respirator
  • ABEK Filters
  • Safety Wellington Boots
  • Hazard Warning Triangles x 2
  • Hi-Vis Waist Coat
  • Neoprene Drain Seal/Cover
  • 2-Part Anti-Static Shovel
  • Microlite x 2
  • 6Volt Batteries for above x 2
  • Waste Disposal Bags & Ties x 2
  • First Aid Kit
  • ATEX Safety Torch
  • D Cell Batteries (pack of 2 for above)
  • ADR Kit Bag 80 litre printed
(Also required to comply with ADR legislation are: dry powder fire extinguishers and wheel chock suited to the size of the vehicle)


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