The Crystal Mic

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As seen in flyer magazine, the crystal mic kit is taking the aviation market by storm. Turn your noise cancelling headphones for music into a professional ANR pilot headset.


The Crystal Mic attaches on your noise cancelling headphones (such as Bose, Sony) via a magnet to create a removable microphone for both pilots and passengers alike. The quality microphone produces crystal clear sound every time.

It offers stereo volume control, AUX audio input (with a Bluetooth version on the way) and a wide range of plug styles such as helicopter, general aviation, Airbus DMX, and a Limo version on request.

The advantages of the Crystal Mic are almost endless:

  • Uses the headset’s ANR technology found in that of the company’s aviation headset.
  • No batteries needed, it’s all in the headset, so no bulky power packs required.
  • Can be removed and left in the aeroplane for ease of use, or removed by passengers in flight to listen to their own music, not busy air traffic chatter.
  • Half the cost of the leading aviation headset, with the same tech and result.
  • Warranty with up to 3 replacement parts for free.
  • Light and compact headset, the headset itself when removed the microphone can fit in a back pocket.
  • Reduces noise in your cockpit for a more comfortable experience.
  • Comes in carry case which fits normal headphones.

Headphones such as the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 or similar work the best as the ANR is best on the market, but any headphones with a 2.5 or 3.5mm jack work perfectly with the Crystal Mic.

We do not sell the headset itself, it can be found at or cheaper on the internet (amazon, currys-pc world)

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